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Linksys has established their goals far beyond anyone’s reach to globally deliver their wide range of products. This American organisation has somehow managed to maintain their reputation among various countries and locations that has now become huge diversity to this corporation. Linksys router are distributed among 25 countries with its 328 locations by retailers, value added sellers, direct sellers, online distributors, various salesman and others which are now became the premier member of these routers.

Whether anyone is dealing with slow network problem or any Wifi dead spots, Linksys routers are always there to sort you out on those problems. They have their service expert available on line 24 hours to get to the root cause of your problem and provide you with the best solution of it. Our latest technologies will not disappoint you in any way but even then if you are facing any kind of problem in the connection or router you can contact us at anytime.

Linksys routers with their best and innovated technology allow you to stay connected with your network at every time of the clock. With their dual and tri band technology they cover wide range of signals which suffice with high speed of connectivity. The WPA security provides the tight security to your device safeguarding them from major threats and unwanted users.
Linksys with their more and more advanced technology are keeping the customers out of worry about the network issues and daily speed problems. They have their various advanced models covering each and every limitation of the former device. The experts are really working hard to eliminate every issue related to the every router. They are concerned about each and every problem the user is facing with every type of router.

Linksys routers are also well renowned about their simple downloading which can be achieved by reaching up to its setup page by just The link is available to directly lead you to the setup page of the Linksys routers. One can also type on the link of the browser to reach on the device page of the Linksys. The web interface gives the power to user to adjust any type of setting and activate any mode of your Linksys routers.

Linksys has also comforted the user with the smart application which is just a click away to allow the user to access their Linksys routers. The app is renownedly known as the Linksys connect. The app is also available in mobile device but with a different name ie Linksys smart wifi. Linksys smart wifi app provides the user to gives the user ability to monitor his device within a single window and allow you to adjust any mode from this smart app.

How to upgrade the firmware of Linksys WRT1900AC Dual Band Smart Wireless Router with the help of LInksys cloud account?

Linksys WRT1900 Dual band router firmware can be updated by performing these simple steps.

  • Access your Linksys cloud account with the help of Username and the password.
  • After login, Go to Connectivity, below the Basic tab and check Automatic checkbox.
  • In case if there will be a firmware, Linksys WRT1900AC will automatically upgrade it.
  • You can also Click for Updates for the confirmation of yourself to check the Linksys router

Note: If you want to upgrade the firmware manually, you can click the Browse button.

What do the LEDs on the Linksys router indicates?

The different LED’s on the router indicates different status of your router. Basically there are three type of LED’s on mostly router

  • WPS – This LED is basically on the front side of the Linksys router which basically indicates whether your router is connected to the network or not. This same LED starts to blink signifying whether the router is getting the sufficient network of speed or not.
  • Reset button – This LED will start to flash when a user will hold the reset button for 10 seconds in order to restore the default settings of the routers. The LED is the indication that router is properly get reset and now you can use it with the new start
  • Power- This LED indicates whether the Power adapter of your router has properly connected or not. The light on it turns to solid green when the router gets the power source to operate.

What are the essential parts of Linksys WRT1900AC?

The essential parts of Linksys WRT1900AC are

  • Four Ports
  • LED’s
  • WPS button- Wi-Fi protected setup button.
  • Reset button
  • Four high antennas

How could i able to find the serial number of the LInksys router?

The serial number in Linksys router can be find out by these steps.

  • Login to your account with the help of
  • Locate the Troubleshooting and then go at Status and Report.
  • There you will find the serial number of your Linksys router.

What are the requirement for setting up the home network with the LInksys router?

These are the prerequisites you will be requiring before setting up your Linksys router.

  • A proper Broadband connection which usually gets connected with the Ethernet.
  • A wireless device that can be your desktop or laptop installed with the network interface adapter.
  • A proper Ethernet working cable.
  • Internet Browser that could be anything Google, Mozilla, Safari or any other.

What is Demilitarized Zone used for in the Linksys WRT1900AC router?

The Demilitarized Zone in the Linksys WRT19000 router is utilized to allow one user to enjoy the facility of special purpose service like Internet gaming and video conferencing. It also permits the user to forward the hosting of all the ports into a single computer. This method is the most secure one as it allows someone to open that particular port which you are allowing him to open.
Note: The feature can be accessed by

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